What to Study


There is so much to learning a foreign language.  Students need organized guidance of what to study at what stage.  Our apps are based on scientific research by Smart Smart’s founder, along with support from his over 30+ member research team.  Every item chosen to be included in our apps has a legitimate scientific reason for its inclusion. 

Studies have shown that even university students have little knowledge of the essential English contents in these apps.  So, the contents are appropriate for university students or adults, but it would be ideal if learners began to master these contents as early as junior high.  First we recommend students study the free app English Pronunciation for Japanese Learners for two weeks.  Next, we recommend Japanese learners start with Common Mistakes of Japanese Learners.  This app’s 200 items could be mastered in eight weeks.  Then we recommend students master either English Master 10,000 (approximately three years to master), or if they have limited time, English Master 3,000 (approximately one year).  Either of these two apps will help learners master the common vocabulary, collocations, and grammar of English and help them improve their general English and TOEIC score.  Next, we recommend Advanced Vocabulary for Japanese Learners.  The 2,700 vocabulary in this app can be mastered in approximately one year and will help learners who want to improve their academic vocabulary and TOEFL score.  Then, for students to develop some really advanced skills, we recommend the app English Idioms for Japanese Learners.  This app’s 500 items could be mastered easily in 10 weeks.  Finally, we then recommend reading and listening practice for about 10 weeks with the free app Genres.  At this point, students’ levels will be so high that they could start learning on their own.  With English Master 10,000, all apps could be mastered in approximately 5 years, while with English Master 3,000, all apps could be mastered in approximately 3 years.

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