Welcome to the ACE (Academic Chunks of English) Interface 


Below you can access our large-scale corpus-based English for Academic Purposes multi-word unit list.

On this page, you have access to the most frequent 5,000 academic English multi-word units.  You can search for a word(s) to find the multi-word units it occurs often in in academic English, and you can also simply input a number (for example, 500 to retrieve the most frequent 500 items in the list) if you’d like to study the list directly.  You also have access to the full database of over 200,000 academic English chunks as well if you would like to search for items in fine detail, or search for less frequent items.

Each chunk of language also features an original example sentence created by our team to help users understand proper contextual usage.  These chunks are based on Dr. Rogers’ PhD research, which discovered a new, more reliable way in which to identify the chunks of language that high-frequency collocations occur in.  His PhD work was on general English, and was applied to academic English for this project.  If you would like to read more about this project, please see our draft manuscript. 

Note the unique aspect of words in italics, which indicates that these words were consolidated into a shorter chunk which occurred more frequently.  This system is more efficient in that is avoids overlap.  For example, “impact on” occurs often but so does “has a negative impact on”, albeit slightly less.  So, instead of having these two entries listed separately in the list, they are combined and the added words are noted via italics.

This study would not have been possible without significant contributions from my international team of university professors: Dr. Frank Daulton (Ryukoku University), Paul Dickinson (Meijo University), Cosmin Florescu, (International University of Health and Welfare), Dr. Amanda Muller (Flinder’s University), and Tim Stoeckel (University of Niigata Prefecture).

Also, note that this is an ongoing project, and there is a smartphone study app planned, and also translations planned for the entire list.

We hope this resource helps you improve your English academic writing. 


Dr. James Rogers

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